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Google Analytics

Here's what you'll pick up in this webinar:
For over 30 years, Ken's been studying, perfecting and implementing online strategies for maximum impact for smail businesses. He helps you do what really matters.

  • Learn how to get started with Google Analytics and what's the best package to select according to your needs..
  • Learn how to use the navigation bar and admin interface..
  • Setup on your Wordpress website or install on your HTML website..
  • How to create a new Google Analytics account for your website..
  • Understanding the Dashboard, Real Time Menu and also the Audience Menu..
  • How to work with demographics, interests, and geography effectively..
  • Understand your visitors' behavior and pattern to predict how they will behave when they reach your page..
  • Learn how it works with mobile and other technologies, set up benchmarks and user flow easily..
  • Discover how to track conversions by setting up and monitoring goals..

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Thursday The 10th
At 1:00 PM UTC-6

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