Editing with WordPress 5.0

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Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Use WordPress 5.0

WP Editing Course dvdGutenberg Can Be Confusing

Have you seen the new Gutenberg editor?

If so, then you probably felt like pulling out your hair. It’s not as easy as the ‘Word Processing’ type editors we’re used to.

It can seem overly confusing at first glance.

It’s kind of hard to believe anyone would make something more simple, but yet more confusing at the same time.

Somehow the good folks over at WordPress were able to do this.  So now what?

All The Little Changes Are Actually Improvements

You  may not believe it now, but the changes really are improvements.  It’s definitely an upgrade, and this is the direction WordPress is going.  There is no looking back, and it’s best that you learn how to make the most of it now.

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